Why Gaming Matters

Branding and video work for a project I did (/am doing after reworking) that exsplores the personal side to video games via videography.

Why Gaming Matters
Back in June 2014 I made this video series and brand for my graphics final major project. At the moment I've been reworking this into my own personal project. (which is still in the works as of now) The video series I produced exspored the more personal side to video games so I did 5 interviews feature myself and 4 of my friends.
My aim for this new rework version is still focued on the personal side to video games but will cover varied topics instead of individual people.

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Animation and 3D work was done by Suken.
This is one out of 5 of the Why Gaming Matters videos I produced for my final major project. This one features my friend Sophie Mitchel and the one that I'm most proud of (espcailly as it's the only only I wanted online in some form) 
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