Molly Reed

Molly Reed YouTube Channel Art

Molly Reed is a friend of mine I know though Twitterand she started up her own YouTube Channel fairly resencently to share her Vlogs.
With the HQ of her videos I felt she desereved some nice Channel Art, she mentioned how how hard it is to make imagry for your youtube channel which I agree with as it's not as simple to upload as Facebook or Twitters cover photo features.
So yer I was more than happy to make her some channel art, she really liked the photo collarge style of the YouTube channel JacksGap so that was my starting point.
I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop & illustrator CS6 as my platform of choices and I was sent the photos for the design by Molly. 
I asked her to send me links to her favoruite photos from her inStagram and after a bombarment of link spamming and making them all look like polaroid shots the design was done :)
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