Mau5 Type

Song Titles Meet Illustration

This is the frist in a series of Typeart series I started doing back in March 2013 inspired by Danielle Maree (Mia).
I liked how she created portraits of muscians she liked but only using type/words to make up the image, I Like the simple premiss of this design choice and it grew my intrest in wanting to do my own take.
I decided to do my own tweeks to the design premiss such as the type/word being song titles (basility my favoruite songs from that muscian/band) 
One of my favoruite artist at the moemnt is Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and I decided that I wanted the design to involve recreated his iconic mau5 head using the titles of my favourite songs by him.
Deadmau5 is one of my favoruites for the sher variety I find in his music and he's done some of the best collaberation work I've ever seen, I also saw him live at Wireless festival 2012 and his setup as well as his show was brilliant.
As for how I did this design I used Adobe illustrator CS6 as my digital work area, Bebas Neue was my typeface of choice for the design for it's bold simple look and I used this image as a template to work with.
If you want a more indepth look at this piece and the creation process heres a blog post about it.
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