Premium Virtual Assistance

Logo and business card commission for Linda Fell's indepenantly run business Premium Virtual Assistance.

I was recently commissioned to put together a logo and design some business cards for an independent virtual assistant called Linda Fell. She already had a website made for her so it was all a matter of making sure the branding and art direction flowed well with her already existing online presence.
The logotype used Lato Regular with #009688 green colour. The background for the cards was a photograph I took back in February 2016 when I went to Barcelona, Spain. While I was there, I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. I took a few photos of the architecture as I loved the clean geometric astatic. 
I went with the design for the background designs as I felt the shots I got of the architecture had a very computer/UI feel. Computers are meant to assist you and considering this is online based company, I felt this worked hand and hand with each other. 
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